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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Proper Tree Care

Is It Okay To Top Trees?

  It is not okay to top trees.  Topping consists of large branch cuts and the removal of most of the tree's foliage leaving the branches vulnerable for sun scald. In addition topping leads to insect invasion, disease and decay.  This could eventually kill the tree.

What Is Proper Pruning?

  Proper pruning consists of removing deadwood and thinning out the canopy to allow light and air circulation.  It also reduces excessive weight to the branches, therefore preventing branch failure.

When Is The Best Time To Prune?

  Most trees can be pruned all year long with the exception of Fruit Trees.  Fruit Trees must be pruned during the winter months when they are dormant.

What Is Cabling and Bracing?

  It is the process of using cables and rods to add support to different sections of a tree to prevent breakage, splitting and branch failure.  
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