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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the fundamentals of a healthy plush lawn.

What is Proper Grass Height?

Customers often ask how high or low the grass should be. The answer is simple depending on grass type. Grass type is broken down into two groups, Cool-season grass and warm-Season Grass. Cool season grass such as Kentucky Bluegrass in the peak of the season should range from 3" - 4" in length. Warm-season grass such as Zoysia grass should range from 1" - 3" in length. In the event of a drought, the grass should be left a little longer and/or mowed bi-weekly to prevent burning out the turf.

Why Aerate?

Aerating plays a substantial part in healthy turf. Core Aerating is manually removing small plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn. This allows oxygen and water to easily reach the turfs root system and allows soil to better absorb nutrients. It also loosens up compacted soil making it easier for grass to root deeper and reach nutrient rich soil. Aerating is recommended to be done annually in the spring or  fall. Depending on the amount of foot traffic it may need  to be done a couple times a year. It is also encouraged to over seed at this time.

Why is De-thatching Necessary?

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, tangled roots and other matter that build up over time. Although a thin layer of thatch is good for the soil and protecting the roots too much can prevent water and oxygen from reaching the soil and creates a sanctuary for various insects. . De-thatching is usually done in the spring to allow grass to grow and thicken for the summer season.
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